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Roughneck Jobs Are An Adventure

Roughneck jobs offer a great opportunity for those between jobs or careers to break into a new and exciting industry - the oil industry. Perhaps in no other field will you find the prospects for advancing far and fast to be so prevalent. Many have gotten their starts on the rigs with offshore roughneck jobs, and they are glad to have done so, as they are now drillers or tool-pushers, earning over hundred thousand a year, and having six months a year off to enjoy that hard earned money.  Would you like to join their ranks? Then consider becoming an offshore or oil rig roughneck; you will be glad you did!

Now roughneck jobs are not for the faint of heart. They are hard, dirty, and even dangerous. The hours are long, up to 12 hours a day, two weeks at a time. So you'll be working 84 hour weeks, and you'd better keep up even if you are tired, as the work can be dangerous if you aren't fully aware of your environment. With all that said, having two weeks of vacation every month, after your two week hitch, has a lot going for it. You can go to school, have fun, or see your family. If this sounds like a good deal, then roughneck jobs may be your ticket to a better life.

The truth is, becoming a roughneck, getting hired for roughneck jobs, was the best thing to happen to me, and when I needed it the most, too. I was broke, poor and unemployed, and couldn't find work anywhere. In a long funk, I drove down to Louisiana, where I stumbled into a town called Lafayette. Well guess what they do in the wonderful city of Lafayette Louisiana? Give up? I'll tell you. They hire oil workers for the Gulf of Mexico, that's what they do. Offshore jobs up the wazoo. They hired my broke, sorry self, even wearing dirty jeans and a shirt with food on it. Man, if they hired me, they'll hire you.

You see, roughneck jobs are far are more than a job, they are a real adventure. Now I know that slogan has been killed to death by the US Army, but this is really a case where it is true. I mean, you fly to your job in a helicopter, and once you are there, you are miles out at sea on a small, man-made island, except it's like 40 to 100 feet above the waves. While there, you'll be working 2 or 3 weeks straight with people from all over the world, it is crazy. But if you like the adventure, then this is the job for you.

With no exageration, roughneck jobs can really make the world your Oyster, and I will tell you how. Because once you are experienced with working offshore, you will have no problem landing work on a rig almost anywhere in the world where they have rigs, and they are really everywhere, off the coast of almost every continent. Yeah, it can take some work to first bust into the field, but if your a hard working kind of guy and are persistent in trying to reach your dreams, then you will have absolutely no issues with getting hired for your first roughneck job. What are you waiting for?

Entry Level Roughneck Jobs Wages

Wages for entry level Roughnecks run from 60 to 70k. An average wage would be $25.00 an hour; with 44 hours of overtime a week at time and a half, this adds up to 68K a year, for 6 months of work. This is on the low hourly end for experienced offshore roughnecks.

Getting Entry Level Roughneck Jobs Offshore

If visiting the employment offices of offshore drilling contractors isn’t possible for you, then the next best thing is to ensure that your Resume, C\V and Cover Letter are specific to the offshore industry, and to the job you are applying for. We highly recommend the services of Rigworker if you wish to facilitate the process and improve the odds. Rigworker has over 10,000 members, and thousands have had success when they chose to utilize their Resume \ CV submittal service.

Rigworker charges a nominal fee for their services, $60, which is quite reasonable and comparable in price to other resume submission firms who don't focus on a specific industry, such as offshore drilling or oil industry jobs. Rigworker specializes in this industry, and are very good at what they do. They guarantee your satisfaction with their services, and your money back if you don't land work in 3 months. You will get far more for this small investment than anywhere else on the internet.

The best way to land an offshore Roughneck job is to apply in person - there are many unadvertised entry level jobs offshore. Obviously, the person whose face is in the office asking for work every week or two is going to stand out above all the other applicants.

If the prospect of getting hired on as an offshore roughneck is something that appeals to you, you can learn how and where to apply at http://OilJobsGuide.com for roughneck jobs

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