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Roughneck Jobs Descriptions

Starting with entry level roughneck jobs, the hard working and ambitious can rapidly move up the ladder to become a driller or even a toolpusher within just a few years.  The money is good and the opportunities even better.  But you will work hard for both. 

Roughnecks, also called floormen, are the workhorses of the oil drilling industry. Though many work as a roustabout before moving into a roughneck position, many outfits will still hire the right person straight into a roughneck position and train him on the job. 

Alternatively, there are several training programs available that will take you in 4 weeks to the competency level needed to walk onto any drilling operation and immediately begin contributing to an oil drilling operation.

Roughnecks help setup, tear down and transport the rigs used to drill for oil with. While drilling, the roughneck has one of the most important jobs - connecting the huge sections of pipe used to drive the drill deep into the crust with, using large hydraulic clamps for the purpose. 

Roughnecks also perform a number of other labor and operator duties in the course of a drilling operation. He may also assist the motorman or mudman in equipment operations and maintenance as well as fluids testing, acquiring experience and skills that will help him advance through the ranks.

Roughneck Jobs Work Environment

The roughneck usually work long hours in all weather conditions on extended roster systems, usually as member of a drilling crew. The roughneck usually performs semiskilled and unskilled manual labor that requires continual hard work in difficult conditions for many hours.

Roughneck Job Duties

  • Help setup, tear down and move oil drilling rigs and equipment from one location to the next
  • Clean up of oil spills around the drilling area
  • Maintains oil drill rig tools and equipment to a high standard
  • Tightens, loosens and monitors sections of pipe using hydraulic clamps during the oil drilling operation
  • Drive a truck to transport oil drilling and service rig equipment and materials

Oil Rig Roughneck Job Wages

Wages for land-based Oil Rig Roughnecks run from 55 to 68k. An average wage would be $22.50 an hour; with 44 hours of overtime a week at time and a half, this adds up to 62K a year, for 6 months of work. This is on the low hourly end for experienced roughnecks. 

Getting an Oil Rig Roughneck Job

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