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Getting Hired for Offshore Roughneck Jobs - A Simple 3 Step Plan

If you are determined to land an offshore roughneck job, we have created a 3 step plan to land your first job offshore, and launch your new career in record time - even during a recession. This holds true for land-based roughneck jobs as well.

The biggest hurdle to getting hired for offshore roughneck jobs is lack of previous offshore experience. Once you have acquired some basic offshore experience, even if only as a galley hand, the world will be your oyster. Having prior offshore experience is usually the first question you will be asked by a recruiter, and once you have that experience, you are over half-way their for future offshore roughneck work and career opportunities.  

For this reason, we highly recommend shooting for entry level positions for your first hitch, even if you are qualified for a higher-level land-based positions.  The main opportunities here are getting on as a roughneck, or even as a rigging or maintenance roustabout.  Any work offshore, no matter how basic or menial, is work offshore!  Once you have that initial experience and are familiar with offshore procedures, advancement will come rapidly. 

The Guaranteed Plan Towards Landing Your First Offshore Job

1. Use the Rigworker Resume \ CV forwarding service to send your professional resume to over 1200 companies. Not only is this the 'fast and easy' way to land your first entry level offshore job, this is the kind of leverage that gets results; to send your resume to this many companies manually would take months.

2. Manually forward your resume to the HR Hiring contacts for 20 select mid-size to large companies. Using the resources provided by  http://OilJobsGuide.com can save you days of personal research, as they provide direct hiring contact information for you to personally forward your resume to.

3. Get some great, award winning and fully guaranteed software such as Amazing Resume Maker to help you with the resume writing process.  If you aren't too sure about your resume, this software will have you creating interview-grabbing resumes that are simply world class and will put you in the front of the hiring line.

There are many recruiting and resume websites out there, and it easy to get overwhelmed with information and choices. What we have done here is distilled the resources that provide the biggest bang for the buck; if you are aggressive in your pursuit of offshore employment, leveraging these tools will put you on top of the pack.

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