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Roughneck Jobs - By Land or By Sea, These Jobs Aren't For The Timid

offshore roustabout jobsRoughneck jobs are tough, and there just isn't getting around this fact. If you want to land a job in the oil industry, and aren't planning on becoming a Petroleum Engineer, then you are most likely looking at starting as a roughneck. And this is a great way to start in the industry, and can form the foundation for a high paying and long term career. Just be prepared for the realities of the job.

Whether on a service rig, an exploration outfit, or on an offshore oil platform, roughnecks are the true workhorses of the drilling industry. These are the guys that grab the 500 pound pipes from the derrickman, winch them to the pipe just below using 8 foot hydraulic tongs, and signal the driller to take it down another 40 feet. It's fast paced work, and you have to stay alert at all times, even after pulling 12 hours. The price for not paying attention is physical injury or worse; you are dealing with heavy weights and heavy equipment.

With that said, you certainly won't get bored. You'll typically work in teams; there are two roughnecks on most drilling floors, and it's a team effort working with the rest of the crew: the motorman, the driller, the derrickman, the roustabouts. On some rigs there will be an assistant driller, and you'll always have a mudman taking care of the drilling fluids - a crucial job, as this is what prevents blowouts.

Roughnecks can find work all over the world.  Offshore, roughnecks can find work in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Florida. There is work offshore of Newfoundland, Canada; in the North Sea between the United Kingdom and Norway; Brazil, Australia and Nigeria also have many platforms; there are hundreds if not thousands worldwide.

On land, work is opening up across the US again, as oil prices continue to climb. Canada has work all over the country, especially in Alberta, with the Oil Sands Projects now pumping out over 1 million barrels a year.  Worldwide, there are projects almost everywhere; Russia, China, even Europe. And of course, the Middle East. 

This is a great time to break into the industry - the need for oil is only going to go up, and there is only so much of the stuff. Wages are set to continue climbing, and the coming retirement wave of long term oil industry workers is going to create a huge wave of job openings to replace them.  So welcome aboard - we'll endeavor to provide you with all the information you need to find work and make a new career for yourself in the oil industry!

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